Gabriel Li


Title: Resurrection of the train track.

In the south of Skanstull, next to Eriksdalsbadet, there is a site defined by the bridges, an old train line and small hills on the side.
The area is currently used as an allotment garden in the summer and storage site. Inspired by the curves of the train track and
its original nature of connection, the project attempts to connect the ‘shores’ of the valley by walkways along the original train
lines in multiple levels.The space under and in between the walkways are planted with shrubs, grass, trees and bamboos of
various heights. This allows one to view this sunken garden from different levels; to enter the garden and walk down paths
through the groves of nature. More importantly, allows public to move around the site, between different locations in a
pleasant and relaxed way. The walk ways can be regarded as an ‘usable sculpture made of metal’ connecting
people between man made and nature.



For print: A1.pdf




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